Pocket is not just a coin, but a vision and a mission

The Pocket

From the casual to hardcore gamers, to the art collectors and serious investors. Pocket offers something for everyone.
About Us

Introducing Pocket! $PCKT is one of the first projects on BSC that allows users within the community to select and reflect their own tokenomics. One token of $PCKT in your pocket gets you the best of all worlds!

Pocket Doge is not just a coin, but a vision. At Pocket, we are committed to transparency and innovation, dedicated to creating a space in the cryptosphere that reflects these core values. The Pocket ecosystem is broad and inclusive, with visions of future projects that support and develop artists as well as giving back to communities in need.

Pocket Rewards
PCKT is a rewards based token, but what separates us from the other doge packs is our “select and reflect” tokenomic platform. Routinely, we will allow the community to vote on new tokens available for reflection on our dApp - that of course will be fully vetted by our expert team. Currently, PCKT offers reflections on BNB, ETH, BUSD, USDT, ADA, Cake, and RISE.
Pocket Game
If you haven’t checked out our game by now, you need to! Addictive and fun, we will follow up Danger on BSC with a revolutionary approach to gaming in the cryptosphere. Currently in development is our blockchain based gaming with play to earn (P2E) features, gambling, and winner-take-all functions.
Pocket Artist Community
The arts is something PCKT is passionate about, having already released two music videos prior to launch. We are in the process of developing an NFT platform and Pocket Productions to reward and support artists directly through in-app bidding, tipping, and auctions. This will enable artists to do what they do best without the politics of industry control.
Pocket Hardware Wallet
Have you seen our logo? Letting you in on a little secret, it's more than just a cute little doge: it’s also our hardware wallet! Our team is already hard at work developing this using 3D printers. Just a few features we have so far, safety & security, ability to see reflections in real time, contactless payment, and, oh yeah, gaming!
Pocket Partnerships
Partnerships are key to PCKT tokenomics. The PCKT community vote on additional tokens to reflect, receiving the perks of PCKT tokenomics in addition to the perks of the reflected coin's tokenomics. This means we must work together with other token developers to broaden the pool of available rewards for the larger community. Our investors get the best of all worlds; everybody wins!
Pocket Peace of Mind
Security in investment is at the heart of PCKT’s mission. That’s why we take the following measures to bring the most dynamic and safe solutions to investors: A full inspection of all tokens reflected, The option to reflect a stable coin at any time, Full Solid Proof audit and KYC available for review.
Buy tax 10%
Liquidity Pool
Sell tax 14%
Liquidity Pool
Phase 1
The Beginnings of Pocket Doge
Partnerships with influencers in the US, Europe, and China
Launch of merch store
Launch of dApp
Release of Pocket P2E game
Reach 7,000 Telegram users
Completion of Solid Proof KYC and audit
Launch of updated website
Establishment of international communities
Launch of token
Phase 2
The Rumor of Pocket
Trend on Dextools
Listed on Coin Gecko (CG)
Listed on Coin Market Cap (CMC)
Begin BTOK advertisements
Reach 10,000 Telegram users
In Progress
Phase 3
The Legend of Pocket Doge
Certik Audit
Billboards postings in USA & China
Launch of NFT platform
Reach 40,000 Telegram users
To be done
Phase 4
The Transcendance of Pocket Doge
Release of Pocket Hard wallet
Release of Pocket Blockchain Game
Reach 100,000 Telegram users
Release of new tokens in the Pocket Ecosystem
To be done
Our partners
We are not just a token, we are a community, and our goal is to reach a broad an audience as possible to share in our vision for greater transparency, community support, and the development of the arts.
Binance USD
Burning Moon
Binance Coin

Get $PCKT in your pocket

Download and Setup MetaMask or TrustWallet
Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension) or TrustWallet (an app for your phone). After you have completed those steps, please add the Binance Smart Chain to your network-list.
Buy and Send BNB to MetaMask
Buy BNB on an exchange (i.e., Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, etc.) and then transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. BEP-20 addresses begin with '0x.'
Head Over to PancakeSwap and Swap for $PCKT
Visit PancakeSwap or use this address 0xbc4c03104aee81a73afc5b09136810a19ff52de4 to swap $PCKT.
Set slippage tolerance to 15% (although depending on the demand, it may be 25%).
View $PCKT and HODL
Swap BNB for $PCKT and add $PCKT to your MetaMask and/or Trust Wallet to view. And importantly for all Pockets, HODL!
Meet the Team
Chief Executive Officer
Jared is our Chief Executive Officer, possessing many years of experience building and leading companies, sales teams, and strategic planning. His passion is in developing new and exciting ideas, bringing together the talent to make them come to life. Noteworthy is his love of dolphins, hot sauce, and Curious George.
Chief Operations Officer
Gareth, our nifty Chief Operations Officer, comes to Pocket Doge with a diverse background in customer service, project management, marketing, and data insight (yup, he does it all!). He loves understanding every fact of a business, believing that true innovation is borne out of collaboration. A crazy cat lover (he has five now: Ninja, Diablo, Kami, Kraken, and Nymph), part-time DJ, and avid gamer, he loves that the Pocket logo is a cute little puppy, an inevitable feline sibling, is the hero of our games.
Chief Financial Officer
With 20 years working in and leading asset management firms, MP, our clever Chief Financial Officer, has successfully launched investment products that have gone on to multi-million and billions in asset under management. MP’s experience working with capital markets and sales functions ensure that each product is given every opportunity to succeed.
Chief Communications Officer
Our Chief Communications Officer, Amanda has 15+ years experience in political and nonprofit communications. She believes wholeheartedly that without the Oxford Comma, the world would simply fall apart. Amanda’s greatest vice is television and prides herself on watching shows faster than they actually take to air. Her celebrity crushes are Alan Alda and Mark Twain, but she has a very special place in her heart for the fictional Josh Lyman.
"The Doctor"
Chief Technical Officer
Chief Brand Officer
Oliver, our immensely talented Chief Brand Officer (seriously, how amazing are the Pocket's graphics, amiright?), has worked in motion graphics, creative management, graphic design, and front-end web development for five years. How much does he love what he does, you might ask? Well, in his free time, he tinkers with game development. His favorite things are pizza, cats, the occasional walk on the beach.